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Are you are having a problem with dust from gravel?

We apply dust treatment (chloride) to gravel roads, driveways, parking lots etc. We normally apply dust treatment in the spring and it helps control dust for the whole summer but we can apply it any time in the spring, summer or fall

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Serving South West

and Central MN

We work for Counties, Townships, Business, Farmers and Private Residential.

We have been serving South West and Central MN for over 15 years and are located in Springfield, MN.

Our Spray trucks spray 18 feet wide but we can accommodate any width.

We work for our customers, measure it, flag it,line up, contact road blade operators and make the application



Chloride is an environmentally friendly product that is applied to gravel surfaces in liquid form.

It bonds with gravel particles creating a coating that absorbs moisture from rain,dew etc.

This gives the gravel a wet look even though it is dry.



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